Majestic Tacna 04 Days / 03 Nights
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Majestic Tacna 04 Days / 03 Nights

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Reception and transfer to the chosen hotel. 14:30 Pick up from the hotel. Panoramic bus ride through the historic center, on this tour you will learn the history of the tourist icons of the Civic Walk; the beautiful Cathedral (inaugurated 79 years after its construction), the Ornamental fountain surrounded by Greek Gods (brought from Belgium in 1869 by Gustave Eiffel), the Arch of Heroes (in honor of the heroes of the Pacific War), the Alameda Bolognesi (it is the “identity of Tacna”), the Botanical Garden (it preserves a variety of plants and palm trees), the commercial area of ​​various national products and health services. Then, you will visit the Natural Plant Zoo, a beautiful place of rest and relaxation. Also, you will go to the markets where you will find imported products. Continuing with the tour, you will visit a winery on the Pisco Route, where you will taste wines and piscos. Next, you will take the gastronomic route of the Campiña to taste the “pastel de choclo” in a family home. Then, you will visit the archaeological complex of Petroglyphs of Miculla, where you will interpret the iconography engraved on the stones through which our ancestors communicated their activities and visit the museum. Later, you will cross the 65 km suspension bridge and finally, you will visit the Balneario de Calientes, where you can use the private pools or pools, depending on availability. Return and accommodation in Tacna.


Breakfast. Pick up from the hotel. Taking the Tour to Tarata Ticaco is giving yourself a different day, it is connecting with nature, you will get to know the Apacheta which is the highest point of the route, and there you will make an offering to the earth as our ancestors did when they reached the highest point of their journey, from there you will observe the mountain range and the volcanoes, the next stop will be at the stone marriage which is a rock formation whose rocks have formed the figures of a couple and a priest, the guide will share a beautiful legend about its origin, we will arrive at the district of Tarucachi where its beautiful colonial church stands out whose interior is painted with geometric iconographies, whose dyes they have used are natural. In the city of Tarata, you will visit the Plaza de Armas, the Market and you will also see the San Benedicto church, built with quarry stone. From there you will start the walk (optional) along the Inca Trail (Capac Ñan). On the way you will see terraces in perfect condition, small waterfalls, a pre-Inca and Inca citadel of Santa María and the Qala Qala Stone Forest, whose cavities served as a cemetery and shelters for shepherds. After this walk you will visit the Ticaco hot springs, where you can use them and take a bath that will undoubtedly restore your energy. On the way back to Tacna you will stop at a restaurant in Tarata where you will have lunch with exquisite typical cuisine. Return.

Accommodation in Tacna.


Pick up at the hotel. Our first stop will be an hour away in the city of Tarata, for breakfast and to stock up on some snacks for the route, on the way we will see different picturesque towns, agricultural sectors, herds of South American camelids and landscapes that will make you fall in love, we will reach the queñuales forest, which is located in the Vilacota Maure conservation area, it is an area protected by the Regional Government, in order to preserve flora and fauna, as well as culture and tradition through the identity of the people, we continue until we reach the beginning of the valley of geysers at the entrance we will see apachetas, we make a stop to give an offering (stone) to the pachamama, as a symbol of gratitude for everything received as our ancestors did.

From this area we will be able to see the fumaroles that the geysers expel, with a sound that emerges from the bottom of the pachamana. We will reach the ancient trapezoidal stone bridge that the inhabitants of the area still use. A few steps from this bridge we can see a rock formation with the shape of an elephant's head. We will stop to take photos. We continue until we reach the Laramaquta lagoon (Blue Lagoon) shaped like a leaf, then continue to the La Olla geyser, which is called that because it is in continuous boiling and because it is shaped like a pot. Then we walk to the Nayra Putina lagoon (Angel's Eye), a magical paradise in contact with nature, a gift for our eyes. On the way back we will stop at the ecological pools where you can use them, without a doubt you will be able to enjoy complete relaxation. Then we will go to the restaurant at the Challipiña ranch (Hots Community Enterprise) where you can taste exquisite typical cuisine. In this area you can buy hand-woven alpaca wool garments. Return to Tacna.


Breakfast. At the appropriate time, transfer to the station/airport to return to the city of origin or continue with the trip.

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342 €
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Recojo en la estación de bus
  • Traslado Aeropuerto – hotel – Aeropuerto. 
  • 3 noches de alojamiento en Tacna.
  • 3 desayunos. 
  • City Tour Panorámico + Campiñas
  • Tour Andino: Tarata & Titaco
  • Valle de Géiseres de Candarave + almuerzo
  • Entradas a los atractivos turísticos. 
  • Guía Profesional Bilingüe (español – inglés).
  • Atención Personalizada.
  • Ticketes Aereos
  • Seguro de viaje
  • Propinas
  • Bebidas alcohólicas 
  • Ticket de ingreso (Directo en destino, Museo del Chinchorro US $5.00 c/u, Museo del Morro US $3.00 c/u, Ticket de Paseo Nautico US $8.00 c/u)
  • Souvenirs, regalos, compras personales

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